DIS/AGREED Episode #1: Warehousing in construction

In the first episode of our DIS/AGREED vodcast, we’ve put together our two biggest hitters, Patric Hellermann and Shubhankar Bhattacharya, head-to-head to tackle the most important questions around warehousing in construction. Admittedly, the first episode is still harmless as the two gentlemen don’t dare to discuss their controversy opinions in public yet, but get ready for rumble once they’re warming up. 

And finally there’s a good thing about the fact that most of the time they’re agreeing: Both think that there’s a real opportunity in warehousing in construction and both are excited to meet early-stage founders that (1) empower the last mile delivery, (2) allow more continuity for cross-border transactions and (3) reimagine the warehousing experience especially in renovation.

Are you one of them? You know what you got to do. Reach out to us ❤️

Check out what our guys have to say about

Q1: So much venture capital has already gone into logistics and road-freight. Can warehousing be as large as the market opportunity in road-freight?

Q2: Does the construction industry need its own vertical-focused warehousing solution, or can it use a multi-industry warehousing solution?

Q3: Will proven leaders in road-freight and shipping also end up winning the warehousing market, or will the space see the emergence of warehousing-focused winners?

Q4: The warehousing robotics space has already seen its share of innovation through Kiva, GreyOrange and Geek+. Will warehousing for construction also be driven by new ventures that deliver automation? If not, what will unlock value?

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