Startups! Construction is calling!

You don’t have to work in construction, or know anything about the industry, to become one of our ventures. But you do have to have some genuinely disruptive technology (or a God-level business idea).

We tend to work with startups aiming to take control of one (or more) of the following assets:


Information and decision-steering.


The transmission of transaction and information.


Supply and operational fulfillment.

Meet the pioneers

Construction isn’t renowned as an innovative industry. These businesses are changing that perception.

Alice Technologies Logo
Alice Technologies

AI solution for pre-construction project planning.

HoloBuilder Logo

Automating construction site monitoring with machine vision. Logo

Machine vision solution for tracking of materials and assets on construction sites.

KageNova Logo

Transporting people from office to yard with immersive 360° reality.

LocoNav Logo

Telematics & data-led transactions platform for trucks.

Mighty Buildings Logo
Mighty Buildings

Automated 3D printing of Accessory Dwelling Units.


Closing the last mile gap between project developer and end customer.

Trelar Logo

The dump truck marketplace for construction materials hauling.

Q-Bot Logo

Robots for autonomous inspection, insulation and rendering of buildings.

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Project managers and superintendents spend up to 90% of their day on communication.