DIS/AGREED Episode #5: The future of construction marketplaces

In the fifth episode of our DIS/AGREED vodcast Patric Hellermann and Shubhankar Bhattacharya are discussing the future of construction marketplaces. comparing the various dynamics we have seen in both mature and emerging markets.  At Foundamental, we are humbled to have backed industry leaders in Construction Marketplaces from Asia Pacific all the way to Latin America. Each market requires different business models and go-to-market strategies and this episode we will discuss such variances on a global scale.

They will be discussing questions like:

  1. Tul raised a $181M round what is the company up to and what makes this company special?
  2. What are the differences between the Infra.Market and the Tul model?
  3. What gets us excited about the future of construction market places?
  4. How can marketplaces solve for the supply side issue in more established markets?
  5. Will we see global marketplaces or will they remain regional?
  6. What are exciting companies to watch?

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