DIS/AGREED Episode #3: Global vs. Regional Players

In the third episode of our DIS/AGREED vodcast Patric Hellermann and Shubhankar Bhattacharya are debating the winners in construction. Who will win the game in construction? Global or regional players?

They will be discussing questions like:

  1. Foundamental is the largest global investor in construction technology. Our global set-up allows us to invest across both emerging and developed markets. What are the differences between the markets?
  2. Who will you back? A proven leader (in existing Market A) who is trying to enter Market B or an exciting younger prospect focused on Market B?
  3. Should construction market leaders prioritize geographic expansion or domination within a specific geography?
  4. Given the choice to invest in construction, will you go in by replicating a model or a playbook that has already been executed successfully somewhere else, or go with something that actually has no precedent, no examples that have worked before?
  5. You saw a certain model spectacularly fail in a market and now you’re seeing that same model being applied in construction tech. In that scenario, what goes on in your mind?

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