DIS/AGREED Episode #2: Asset-heavy vs. Asset-light

In the second episode of our DIS/AGREED vodcast, Patric Hellermann and Shubhankar Bhattacharya are debating one of the hottest topics for every VC investor and founder: Should I go asset-heavy, or should I go asset-light?

In the debate they cover:

Q1: The VC industry has glorified “asset-light” businesses and the use of software, almost where VCs demonize any physical stuff. Let’s talk about this VC logic in the context of construction. Which models do you think have a better chance of winning in construction – asset-light or asset-heavy?

Q2: What parts of construction are worth going asset-heavy on? And what is the right timing: right away, later, or never?

Q3: Last week there was this big announcement around Infra.Market. The company became the newest construction tech unicorn and the fastest Asian startup to go from Series A to Unicorn. Is Infra.Market the prime example for an asset-light approach in ConTech? And do you expect more of these businesses or do you think this is one of a kind?

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