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Reliable, up-to-date, expert insight can be an invaluable asset throughout the product development process. We provide everything you need along this journey.

Field intelligence

Gain a complete understanding of your market with construction insights that no other business can offer.

We spend up to 18 weeks a year travelling APAC, Europe and Northern America to capture raw data on construction workflows, opportunities, value chains and the real people on the ground.

We then supplement our research with insights from trusted first-party sources. All of this information is available to our ventures free of charge. Every few months, our limited partners, ventures, entrepreneurs in residence and community discuss some of these un-googleable insights on our Deep Insights Audio Conference.

Expert guidance

Our Advisory Board is available to give you the 3ft-view on everything from construction workflow issues and pain points to the challenges of launching and growing a startup. On the board today we have Rani Saad, Patrick Hacker and Gopi Prashanth with more to be announced soon. Find out more about our Advisory Board.

Advisory Board

Opportunity Validation

With the help of our entrepreneurs in residence and limited partner experts, we validate the opportunities we think have huge, untapped potential. This is a huge part of our business – we spend 30 weeks per year validating opportunities.

These investments are co-created with the founders that can bring them to life with the right products and teams.

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