Foundamental is a new breed of venture capital firm – a global insider-investor in construction. We have deep knowledge of workflows, users and commercialization in construction markets across the globe and this gives us both a 30,000-foot and  three-foot view.

We operate against a precise and aggressive investment thesis. We believe that construction will become an orchestrated economy powered by autonomous supply chains. In this economy, power will shift to those who gain massive control of one of the three digital assets – fulfillment, protocols, intelligence.

Our job is to make our portfolio companies the orchestrators of the construction industry.

With our triple-digit-million inaugural fund, we’re planning to invest in 40 companies by mid-2022, typically entering at Seed Stage, Series A or B.

If you think your technology has a place in the construction market, we can help. We offer deep insights and access on a global cross-border scale. This is an unfair advantage in construction. Our anchor limited partners are among the largest construction materials conglomerates in the world.

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On construction sites, ~50% of communication is recurring and automatable.